Modernize Approach to IG

Pharmaceutical company seeking to modernize its approach to information governance

The Client

  • Mid-sized pharmaceutical company with research, manufacturing, and sales operations
  • 7000 employees, 10 billion in revenue annually
  • Based in NJ, with manufacturing in Ireland, Canada, and South America

The Problem

  • Seeking to formalize its records management program, which was ad hoc, paper focused
  • Frequent complex, multi-year litigation related to its products
  • Difficulty determining which content it could dispose of due to multiple, broad, overlapping legal holds
  • No tools to manage unstructured content

The Solution: Multi-year project, with the following components

Foundational Phase

  • Conduct an Information Management Gap Assessment
  • Develop Records and Information management, E-Communications, Legal Hold, and Backup Policies

Implementation Phase

  • Develop and deliver employee information governance training
  • Conduct a matter assessment to determine the status of current legal matter

Remediation Phase

  • Bring the email system, unified messaging system, and backup environment under the auspices of the new information governance program and remediate legacy

Continuous Improvement Phase

  • Develop and implement a company-wide audit function and plan