Remediation Services

Once organizations have established the foundation of their IG program, they can begin to apply those tools and remediate their existing information environment. The remediation process should begin with those systems and information types that provide the greatest risk or reward, such as email, shared drives, and desktops.

In the Remediation Phase, ViaLumina provides a variety of services, including those listed below.

Shard Drive Remediation.
A customized, defensible methodology to remediate content stored in shared, or network, drives.

Backup Tape Remediation.
A comprehensive approach to remediate legacy backup tapes and moving the client to an environment where backup tapes are not used as de facto archives.
Structured Systems Remediation.
Addressing the retention and preservation of content stored in structured systems, including enterprise databases.
Offsite Storage Remediation.
Addressing the appropriate disposition of legacy content stored offsite in paper and other physical media.