Implementation Services

Policies and procedures have little effect on an institution unless they are part of an effective implementation plan that ensures that employees understand their obligations and how to fulfill them.

In addition, policies and procedures must be developed in a manner that ensures that theyc can be practically implemented in the clients IT environments.ViLumina’s unique combination of legal and IT expertise ensures that our policies and procedures meet this requirement.

In the Implementation Phase, ViaLumina provides a variety of services, including those listed below.

Software Requirements Definition and RFP Development.
A service designed to help clients understand and define their IT requirements.
IG Implementation Plan.
A comprehensive plan and timetable for implementing the client’s IG program across the enterprise.
IG Audit and Compliance Plan.
A methodology and plan to establish and chart an IG compliance and audit function and activity across the enterprise.
Matter Assessment.
An assessment of current legal or regulatory matters at the client that require the preservation of information. This assessment is vital to enabling the client to properly manage, and where appropriate, dispose of unnecessary information.
Email Archiving Implementation Planning.
Development of a plan to guide the client on implementation of email policy in the email environment, including selection, configuration, implementation, and remediation

SharePoint Design and Configuration Assistance for RIM.
Assisting the client to configure and implement SharePoint in a manner that complies with the requirements of the IG program.
Facility Closure/Transfer.
Assisting the client in planning and remediation records and information as part of a facility closure or transfer.
Education and Training Services, including
  • Onsite Educational Seminar. Onsite educational seminar on a variety of IG topics – can be focused on executives or others.
  • IG Training Script Development. Development of script for computer-based training to support implementation of IG policies.
  • IG Training Module Development. Development of multimedia training module to support implementation of IG policies.
  • IG Training and Communication Plan. Develop defensible plan for communicating IG program to firm and for training employees on IG policies and procedures.