Improvement Services

As spelled out the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, it is important for organizations to commit to continually improve their IG program. When an organization experiences adverse information governance events, it is an opportunity to diagnose what went wrong and adjust the program accordingly. In addition, as laws and regulations change, it is important to adjust information governance programs to ensure they continue to meet those requirements.

In the Continuous Program Improvement Phase, ViaLumina provides a variety of services, including those listed below.

Annual Information Governance Assessment.
A periodic assessment of the health of the client’s IG program.

Training and Educational Program.
Periodic training events and content delivery to ensure continued familiarity with
Retention Schedule Update.
Periodic update of Retention Schedule to account for new and changes retention requirements.
Key Business Event Services.
Update of various IG program components to ensure it continues to reflect the business operating environment through events such as mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.