Digital Signature Webinar Recording Available

The recording of the digital signature webinar that Barclay T. Blair did for AIIM is now available.

AIIM Webinar – Sign Here: The Business Case for Digital Signatures

Barclay T. Blair will be the featured speaker on a webinar presented by AIIM International at 2-3 pm ET, Wednesday, October 14th. The webinar will focus on business and compliance issues related to digital signatures.  The full event description is below. Click here for more information and to register.

How many times has your electronic workflow suddenly reverted back to the 1950s once a signature is required?

Print the document. Walk over to the printer. Sign the document (hopefully, only your signature is required). Send it by courier. Receive it back. Scan it. Archive it. Restart the workflow.

Now imagine that a document requires multiple signatures by co-workers who may be in the field, on vacation, or in an office on the other side of the country. Over time, the stops and starts to your business process add up to lost time, lost productivity, and, most importantly, lost revenue.

Digital signatures allow your business processes to stay totally digital. Digital signatures work. They are legal. They establish chain of custody. They enable improved compliance. They can improve your productivity. They also complete the last mile in going paperless.

Join us for a discussion on how to add digital signatures to your enterprise content management infrastructure and learn:

  • How to enable approval processes and overcome the costs and delays of wet signatures
  • How digital signatures can enhance SharePoint or other ECM deployments
  • How to measure the ROI of implementing a digital signature in hard dollars, not just time saved

Speaking Engagment: AIIM Western Canada

Barclay T. Blair will be speaking at the annual, award-winning AIIM Western Canada conference in Calgary, AB. The conference, entitled, “Collaboration and Control: Can You Have it All?” runs September 24-25, 2009. Barclay will be speaking about Information Governance. Check back for details.

Information about the conference is available here.