Reblog: Dear Verizon: A letter from a customer who would like her privacy back

Originally posted on Fusion:

Dear Verizon,

Hey there. You and I have been acquainted for over a decade now, ever since a hot summer day in 2003 when I walked into a Verizon store in Bethesda, Maryland, bought a little Motorola flip phone and committed to spend two years with you. And then I just kept spending time with you, because it really seemed like that “Can you hear me now?” guy was right. The bars were almost always there, even underground on the D.C. Metro or the New York subway.

I’ve made over 160 monthly payments to you for my smartphone service and dozens more for my iPad data plan. I’ve paid you about $15,000 over the years. You’re my longest-term corporate relationship. I’ve stayed faithful and am always on time with my payments. And you’ve been good to me, like that time I went over my minutes and had an insane bill. Some…

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