ViaLumina President named “SharePoint Guru”

Here is a quick quiz for you:

What is Microsoft’s best-selling server-based application of all time?

SQL Server?

No, no, and no.

It’s SharePoint.

SharePoint has taken the information management world by, and according to the NY Times, the product is emerging as a very strategic one for Microsoft.

Practically every client we have talked to in the past 18 months is using, planning to use, or evaluating the use of SharePoint for some type of information or records management function. There is a combination of factors at work here:

  • Filling a need. ECM vendors have traditionally ignored small-to-mid sized companies, as well as individual departments inside larger companies. SharePoint fills this need.
  • Pricing. Microsoft, in effect, gives away SharePoint as a part of an enterprise software purchase.
  • Records Management. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 introduced some rudimentary records management functionality that caught the attention of IT departments feeling the pressure to “do something” with records management. The next version of MOSS (2010) is expected to increase this functionality.
  • Incumbent advantage. MOSS 2007 also integrates well with Office 2007, which helps to overcome user resistance to change on the desktop (which can be extreme).

We have guided many clients through some very large implementations of SharePoint. Our role is to help our clients make good information governance choices in configuration and deployment so that legal and compliance requirements are met. Typical issues include:

  • How to implement Legal Holds in SharePoint
  • The SharePoint Records Center: to use or not to use?
  • Declaring Records in SharePoint.
  • Taxonomies and metadata in SharePoint
  • Retention and disposition configuration
  • Privacy and information access

Recently, Barclay T. Blair was honored to be invited to be a “SharePoint Guru” at, a portal for peer exchange of SharePoint info founded by Russ Edelman and sponsored by AIIM International. Check out the site – it is brand new but there is already some great content there.